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Over 40 Years Of Service

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At Neil’s Automotive, we specialize in auto repairs on all makes and models. Whether your vehicle is classic, domestic, foreign or any combination of the three, our technicians have the wisdom and perspective to repair it right the first time, every time. Our team isn’t just trained, licensed and ASE-certified—they’re also kind people who know how to put your needs first.

We perform smog check tests for compliance with California law. If your vehicle doesn’t pass the test, we’ll diagnose and repair the problem. From tune-ups to brake service, axles and more, there’s nothing the technicians at Neil’s Automotive can’t handle. Working with us guarantees quality service at a reasonable price.

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Smog Certificate

To renew your registration in the state of California, your vehicle must undergo a biennial smog inspection. Fortunately for you, Neil’s Automotive is a DMV-approved testing location with the equipment to repair any issues we may find.

A/C Repair

An issue with your air conditioning system can cause refrigerant to leak throughout your vehicle. This poses a threat to both the environment and your car. You can count on our experts to repair any issues we may find with your A/C.


If your car is improperly tuned, it can lead to a severe decrease in the gas mileage and overall performance of your car. We’ve been doing tune-ups for decades now, so you can rest assured we will maximize your vehicle’s performance with speed and ease.

Brake Repair

You can generally notice a problem with your car’s brakes if they are squealing, grinding, or forcing your vehicle to make abrupt and intermittent stops. Neil’s Automotive offers comprehensive brake service to ensure the ultimate safety of your vehicle.

Fuel Injections

If your car feels like it’s lagging behind or not responding to the accelerator the way you’ve known it to respond, you may be experiencing a carbon buildup within your fuel system. Neil’s Automotive provides fuel injection services that will clean the carbon right out of your vehicle, making it run like it’s brand new again.

Electrical Repair

The electrical networks within vehicles can differ from make to make, model to model, and even year to year of manufacture. It takes specialized equipment and a learned approach to diagnose and repair issues within your car’s electrical network, and Neil’s Automotive is ready and willing to bring both to the table.

Engine and Transmission Replacements

Replacing an engine or a transmission system can seem like a massive and intimidating project. To an extent, it is! Lucky for you, we’ve been performing large-scale repair and replacements throughout our careers, so you can trust Neil’s Automotive to replace your engine in a smooth and professional manner—guaranteed!

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